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Lawn maintenance in Las Cruces, NM is about more than just fertilizer, aeration, and over-seeding. Of course these are standard services with A + Landscaping, but the main point to remember is that in this arid climate special precautions must be taken to protect your lawn’s integrity. We know how to treat your lawn better than any amateur company ever could. This is because our team of skilled employees knows the region like the back of their hands. Let us share our knowledge with you. We just want your lawn to thrive.

Once you have decided to hire A + Landscaping, we will quickly begin assessing what your lawn needs in terms of nutrition. Our lawn care specialists will treat your lawn with the respect it deserves by implementing proper irrigation timing regulations, a fall and spring fertilizer schedule, and lawn mowing services. After we have brought your lawn to its highest potential, we will constantly be checking in to ensure that the changes have stuck. With our team, you can never go wrong for your lawn. We guarantee it.

Increasing curb appeal with premier lawn maintenance services from A + Landscaping is simple. Call us on the phone, and let us know where your home or business is located. One of our field supervisors will come by in order to inspect the size and condition of your lawn. Finally, we will explain the depth of our services and offer you a bid. Our prices are competitive, and our service is unmatched. Do not trust your lawn maintenance needs to anybody else.

Speak with the top lawn and landscaping crew in Las Cruces, NM. Pick A + Landscaping when quality really counts!

Maintenance Includes:
In good faith

•Pick up trash/dog feces
•Mowing/trimming ( if lawn is on property)
•Removing debris like: twigs, leave, nuts, pinecones etc
•Blowing of side walks, driveways, rocks, grass, etc
•Hedge trimming, pruning, designing like shapes
•Light tree trimming. A full tree service is a separate job.
•Removing weeds
•Raking ups piles, crush fine/thin rock two lines
•We cover from one side of the property to another
•Turning on and off water systems during winter times
•We just require you to stay with us for at least one year in good faith. We don't do contracts unless you the customer wants one.

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